Today i will introduce the new product: Press-on Segment Lashes Factory New Technology Eyelashes

KissEyelash lashes factory have been in this line more than 10 years.Our monthly output is5,800,000 pairs.Most importantly, our raw materials are stable and experienced workers can ensure timely and accurate delivery cycles for each order.
We recently launched the latest PRE-BOND TECHNOLOGY of DIY Lashes collection, using3D effect, faux mink effect, has a great layer. Using the most cutting-edge lash band technology, the thickness is only 1/5 of ordinary lashes, and it is flexible and comfortable to wear

NO GLUE NEEDED - Pressure sensitive adhesive adheres instantly,with Pre-Bonded Breakthrough Technology.

1699253673 Press on Lashes Factory

New Technology Press-on Segment DIY Lashes


1699253663 Pre Bond Segment Eyelashes factory

The first ever press-on under lash application lets you lash in 1 simple step. With no mistake sand no mess, these lashes are for everyone.
The segment lashes are hot for 2 years, people should use segment lashes bond, sealant to apply the lashes, it's more complicated than the new press-on segment lashes. Kisseyelash supply customized packaging for you, free to contact us if you want to know more.

1699253659 pre glue segment lashes

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