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The segment DIY eyelashes are hot recently. Many brands are selling them. But do you know how to choose a great segment lashes?

We meet many brands customers recently, we supply free samples to them. Almost all customers like our designs and quality. Most customers place the orders, some customers haven't. Those customers who don't place the order because they want to get much cheaper price.

So here is the questions, do you care about the quality or price?

Did you notice the segment lashes you get, the band is hard and thick? and the hair. We know different factories could find the same hair material, but no lashes factories could do a thin and soft band like ours.

We supply the segment lashes kit with very low price, so why not to choose a better quality lashes with the same price? Kisseyelash could do private label or customized box as your need.

Do you want to do trial order?

Cluster Eyelashes Kit

Some customers want to do black band, that's ok.

For this new segment lashes, we suggest your to use new way to apply it, only use one glue. There is no need for lashes bond and sealant, no need to use remover to remove it.

1. not hurm your own lashes, also not leave the glue on the own lashes. no need remover remove the glue on the own lashes. if you not remove on the lashes, it can hold 1-2 days.

2. if use the bond+ sealant, the lashes just use 1 times, if not clean use the remover, the lashes can't reuse, very very dirty. even you clean it also very hard and spend long time and remover. i think no girls agree do thing things.

3. if we use 3-5 times our false cluster lashes nearly no glue on the band, because we just need use a little glue on the band each time is okay. if have glue on the band, just use the nails clean the glue is ok, no need use remover, if carefully use this lashes, it can upto 10-15 times, even upto 25 times+.

Contact KissEyelash for free if you want to get the new segment diy eyelashes catalog or samples.

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