Best DIY Segment Eyelashes

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Light weight segment DIY lashes

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Plant Fiber




Invisible / black

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KissEyelash Factory

Material: Plant Fiber
Vegan: Yes
Size:  As Photo
Band: Invisible Band
Customized: Accepted

The segment DIY lashes are hot on market, our factory can make designs as your need.
The band is very thin and soft, you can choose black and clear band as need.
You can order it by pair or strip. We have different packaging for you.
May brands are selling this segment lashes, you can sell them by set, we have professional segment DIY lashes kit with lashes bond, sealant and remover.
Contact us if you want to get free samples of this best segment DIY eyelashes.

FAQ From KissEyelash

How to get the quotation or do customized design?

You can send email, contact by whatsapp or send message directly to us, we will return to you in 24hours.

What's the MOQ for customized design?

The MOQ is 500 pcs for customized designs. Like the customized box, the cost will be the same if your order is less than 500pcs

How soon will KissEyelash to ready the goods?

The goods often can be ready in 20-30 days for bulk order, we can ship the order in batches if you need.

Do you use the vegan material?

KissEyelash pay attention on animal protection, so all materials are vegan and cruelty free.

What will you do after-service?

All products have been checked at least 3 times before shipping, we will return or part return if there are quality issue.

Apply lashes by adhesive eyeliner pen

Apply lashes by glue